Our services

“T’s MUSIC Co., Ltd.” is a comprehensive SOUND production company.
Since its establishment in 1990, we have been engaged in diverse variety of audio production for
“electronic video games” “movies”, “commercials”, “TV animation” and “show events.

Music Production

We produce music that builds on breadth and full depth of emotion to moving images.
We design for various genres and situations from grandeur compositions that decorates richness and drama of your works to a few second jingles, eye catchers and ME’s.
Likewise, we provide MA for various video works such as cut scenes and animations.

Sound effect Production

We can craft the best Sound Effects tailored-fit to a range of situations.
Our design respects the creator’s intents, faithfully and delicately reproduce natural foley sounds as though it existed in the scene right from the start.
Deformation sounds will also be added along with expressing the touch and philosophy of the maker’s works.
Experienced specialists will carefully create each SE, as it plays a vital role and an important factor that greatly influences impression.

Sound effects that are challenging to record in Japan, such as real firearms and explosives can be recorded at T’s Music branch located in the Philippines

Built-in / Sound Implementation

We utilize various sound development tools for production such as data implementation for games, sequence data / SE production with MIDI based on built-in sound source and built-in BGM etc.
We provide a wide range of service, from proposals to implementation of natural and effective SE methods that cannot just be expressed simply by making sounds.
Providing sound to motion is doable by way of arranging sound listeners in space and adjust the number of polyphonies and attenuation.
We take into account the end user’s experience such as “feel” and “function” and subsequently carry out final adjustments.
We are experienced in sound production and implementation, operating with undisclosed tools, original development tools and hardware under development.
In cases where development tools are not feasible, we can propose management methods and effective SE and sound production.

Voice recording

Casting, booking, direction, and recording can all be managed.
We also trim recorded voice data, remove noise, adjusts volume and balance, and conduct voice processing.

Music recording

We will support you to maximize the full potential hidden within the musical composition.
We can also record live orchestras by one of Japan’s leading performers, band performance recordings,
Wateki (Japanese flute), (Wadaiko) Japanese drums, erhu and live performance recordings of rare musical instruments by folk instrument artists.
We accept various requests, such as solo parts of a track made through DAW or recording entire live performances.

In addition, we perform arrangements and recordings tailored to musical structures such as orchestration of programmed music, musical score creation, music engraving, band arrangement and chorus arrangement.