Job Description

T’s Music Inc. is a comprehensive sound production company.
Since our establishment in 1990, we have been working on a wide range of sound productions, mainly for game sounds, but also for movies, commercials, TV animations, show events, etc.

music production

We produce music that adds emotion to the video.
We can create songs for a variety of genres and situations, from grandiose songs that glamorize your work to jingles for a few seconds, eye catches, and MEs.
In addition, we also provide MA for various video works such as cutscenes and animations.

sound effect production

We can create the best SE (sound effects) to suit any situation.
In addition to faithfully and delicately reproducing the natural foley as if it had existed in the scene from the beginning, we also design the sound with the creator’s image in mind, such as incorporating deformations while expressing the touch and worldview of the work.
SE is one of the most important positions in which to make an impression, and our experienced specialists will carefully create each and every one of them.

For sounds that are difficult to record in Japan, such as real firearms and explosives, we can also record SEs in the Philippines.

sound implementation

We can implement the data necessary for the game, create sequence data and MIDI SEs based on the premise of a built-in sound source, and integrate the BGM.
We work with a variety of sound development tools.
We can provide a wide range of services from proposal to implementation of natural and effective SE sounding methods that cannot be expressed by simply sounding the sound.
It is possible to apply sound to the motion, place the sound listener in the space, and adjust the number of sounds and attenuation.
We take into consideration the end user’s experience, such as “response” and “function”, and carefully make final adjustments.
We have a lot of experience in sound production and implementation using original development tools, hardware under development, and other undisclosed tools.
Even if you can’t use development tools, we can propose management methods and effective SE and sound production.

Voice recording

We can do everything from casting, booking, directing and recording.
We can also trim the recorded voice data, remove noise, adjust the volume and balance, and process the voice.

Music recording

We will support you in drawing out the full potential of your songs.
In addition to orchestras and bands featuring some of the best performers in Japan, we can also record live performances of ancient instruments such as flutes, drums, and erhu, as well as rare instruments by ethnic instrumentalists.
If you want to record a solo part of a piece of music created on your DAW or an entire piece of music as a live performance, we can accommodate various requests.

We also provide orchestrations, music notation, josho, band arrangements, chorus arrangements, and other arrangement and recording services.